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Top Healthy Merits Of Dehydrating Food

One of the oldest modes of preserving food is dehydrating it. In the past, some of the ways that food was dehydrated were by using the heat from the sun and fire. Today drying food is achieved by putting it over low heat to reduce its level of moisture by three to five percent. Other foods like dairy products can be rehydrated or reconstituted afterward. Dehydrated foods are more healthy, cost-effective, practical and safe compared to canned foods. Shared in this article are some of the top benefits of choosing to dehydrate foods for future use.

The top merit is that it cuts down on costs. Some of the ways of dehydrating food are by the use of the oven, sun or a dehydrator. the most cost-friendly means of drying food among the options given above is the dehydrator. Dehydrators dry food by pacing it on racks and blowing warm air over it to reduce the moisture levels. Good dehydrators are meant to maintain a constant flow of air and temperature meaning little energy is wasted. It is cost-effective to purchase foods when they are in season and dry them for later use when they are out of season and scarce. There is no need to refrigerate dried foods meaning you save more on energy.

In the process of cooking and canning foods, some of the basic vitamins and mineral are lost. A good solution is dehydrating food to retain its minerals and vitamins since there is no need for cooking. For example, ten grapes have the same carolic value like ten raisins. Since dried foods have more fiber and potassium, they are good at maintaining optimal cholesterol and blood pressure. After the dehydrating process, some fruits and vegetables contain more polyphenols and lycopene. You get the recommended serving of fruits every day by putting dried fruits in your cereal or yogurt.

Unlike canned foods, dehydrated foods are not prone to food poisoning or other forms of food contamination. You do not have to worry about dried foods becoming rancid or getting mold on the shelf after a long period of preservation. When dried foods are stored in the right temperature, they can last up to a year and still be fit for human consumption. Since dried foods can stay on the shelves for much longer, that makes them ideal for emergency cases. When you are stranded, or without power, dried foods can save the day.?

Dried foods are more practical than canned foods. They are normally more compact compared to other foods because the process of dehydrating reduces volume and weight. For that reason, you are able to store more dried foods in a few containers.

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